Sunday, March 11, 2018

Few Camping Pics from Lake Pleasant

Some friend's and I try to go camping semi regularly. This March, we went to Lake Pleasant. I had never camped there before, but I had a book that told us the best spots to tent camp in the state, so we picked those spots and went. We had particularly pretty sunrises there.

Sunsets weren't bad either and the moon reflecting of the lake was pretty around 1 or 2 in the morning.

There was a fair amount of water fowl on the lake.

The first night ended up really windy. I should have take down our pop up canopy. It was ruined by morning. the leg broke off. It was so noisy flapping all night, it sounded like we were in a hurricane.

Here is the crew, Victoria, Dericka and Lynnora.

There are wild burros at Lake Pleasant and we saw this one on our way in. The first night, this guy or someone who looks a lot like him, opened Lynnora's closed tub, pulled out a bag of marshmallows, and ate them bag and all. The second night, a burro came by and knocked the lid off the trash can and was trying to get stuff out of there. First time I ever had that happen.

The squirrel's were just as brave during the day. Coming right up to us. I imagine people have fed them. I left some bread in a bag when we left one day and they had a squirrel party while we were gone. I had to go get some more bread for our dinner.  We also heard coyotes, burros and owls. Lynnora and Dericka both saw skunks every night.

Me and Dericka. I ended up pretty sunburned before we were done.

We divide up the meals so we only have to make 2 each. When you don't have to do too many, we end up eating pretty well!

And being so close to Phoenix, we could invite some friends out to roast hot dogs and make s'mores with us one night!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

A few Pics from the 2018 Arabian Horse Show

For those who enjoy them, here are some photos from our trip to this year's show.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Mexican Sunsets

I am very lucky. I have a friend with a beautiful beach home about 50 miles south of Puerto Penasco, Mexico. He lets me borrow it sometimes. We just have to pay to have it cleaned. I recently came back from my second stay there this year. Two friends came who had not been before, Cynthia and Carol. Cynthia told me I had seriously undersold the house and the experience. There is no TV or other outside entertainment, so you have to be ok with relaxing and entertaining yourself. One of the best things, is the sunset becomes an event. How awesome is that. It's sunset! Everyone to the roof terrace! We spend about half an hour enjoying an uninterrupted view of the ocean and sunset. It's amazing how it changes every few minutes. I took so many photos. 

  My friend builds and sells the beach houses here. He has three miles of clean, sandy beautiful private beach. 

Carol is good at writing names in the sand. This beach and I have a special connection now, I think.

  We all couldn't resist taking lots of photos.

  The rooftop terrace is huge and beautiful. It's my favorite spot in the house. Watching sunsets and looking at the stars and milky way are some of my favorite things to do here.

  Having the ocean to ourselves! Can't wait to plan another trip!